Stories re guardianship issues

Read comments below articles to see how many people are experiencing the same thing.

Adult Disabled :


http://archive.fwweekly.com/content.asp?article=7022( Katia –mildly disabled young adult – secret hearing )



http://www.texastribune.org/texas-state-agencies/aging-and-disability-services/families-lose-guardianship-in-secret-hearings/Ceci Covington – parents spent all retirement savings fighting to get daughter  out of professional guardianship –forced guardianship was originally done in secret hearing.

http://elderlawatty.com/to-judge-rickhoff-free-pat-davis/  Pat Davis former hs football star– San Antonio area.


Deartis– estate depleted by probate system- Houston area.


Reforms in guardianship from 2015 legislature

Elderly :___________________________________________________________________________



Walt Disney Grandson. Arizona year long investigation. Changes in law.



Documentary from AAAPG in Florida (Dr.  Sam Sugar)


Willie Jo Mills of Houston


Guardianship Abuse in PA.






Tarrant County - Legislative Ties

Here's How The Great $41 Trillion Generational Wealth Transfer Is Intercepted By Probate Pirates




http://www.thevegasvoice.net/uploads/2/8/1/0/28107857/vv_2-15_web.pdf Guardianship - A Legal Sham & Disgrace


San Antonio Probate Courts 2015


Houston /Harris County Probate Courts 2014




Tenderize These Birds with a Gavel ( 2014 Turkey Award from Fort Worth Weekly Newspaper)http://www.fwweekly.com/2014/11/19/2014-turkey-awards/2/

The horror stories told by local residents who have been unwillingly sucked into guardianship cases in the county’s two probate courts are harrowing. Numerous court cases have come to light that depict two powerful judges, Pat Ferchill and Steve King, as being complicit in a system that strips citizens of their independence while draining their bank accounts through a seemingly never-ending array of court-appointed attorneys, guardians, and bankers. All earn fees, taken from the bank accounts of defendants. Both judges say they are protecting elderly and incapacitated residents from exploitation. A growing number of activists accuse the judges of being the primary exploiters. Fort Worth Weekly has investigated these courtroom tactics since 2008. National news media have begun to examine the phenomenon in their own counties, and a troubling trend of judicial abuse is being revealed from coast to coast.



Politician Most Likely to Sell Grandma to the Highest Bidder

Critic’s choice:Tarrant County Judge Steve King

Tarrant County Judge Pat Ferchill isn’t the only jurist abusing his position to suck elderly and disable people into a legal system that strips their rights while emptying their bank accounts. Tarrant County boasts two elected judges –– Ferchill and King –– who hear guardianship cases on a regular basis and seem overly eager to put people (and their money) under guardianship. They do this under the guise of protecting the seniors, but many of those seniors say what they most need protection from is the court.

Example of Gumption or Grit

Critic’s choice: Dorothy Luck

When Dorothy Luck, age 85, saw her life savings being drained away by Fort Worth probate Judge Steve King, she fought back and eventually won. As she found out the hard way, Texas allows its judges to initiate guardianship cases, unlike most states. Thanks in part to reporting by Fort Worth Weekly, King signed an agreement last March that gave Luck her life back, but not before she lost a small fortune in the ordeal.


Marti Oakley being interviewed by Jeff Rense regarding guardianship abuse.


http://www.mainstreet.com/article/financial-abuse-by-profiteering-guardians-awaits-aging-booms-         and-heirs/page/3


Don Brannen – Elderly in Fort Worth

http://www.fwweekly.com/2013/09/04/grabbing-the-purse/ Dorothy.

http://www.fwweekly.com/2014/03/19/luck-for-dorothy/ Dorothy

Above articles proves the money motivation( not protection of the ward) most clearly

http://www.fwweekly.com/2010/09/08/in-whose-best-interest/     Mary

Tom and Christine Suehs Story– he is former director of Health &Human Services in TX. Sophie Paulos is his mother in law – in Austin.


This is Judge Herman’s court in Austin – he is over all other probate judges in the state. Due to balance of powers between branches of government, judges should not be making law. Herman and other judges (Ferchill)  are routinely at the legislature, making laws that help the probate system rip off the unsuspecting public. 


Charlie Fink in Dallas



D Magazine in Dallas, regarding Tarrant County


For Judge Ferchill



Sunset Hearings re DFPS ( Adult Protective Services) June 25, 2014


Variety of cases in San Antonio.


Veterans in Houston area

d)Internet Talk Radio Shows re Probate /Guardianship Abuse

http://elderlawatty.com/sequestration-of-the-elderly-naela/ Click on blog for radio shows.


Sunday nights at 7 pm central time on internet

e) Advocacy Groups and Info

Natl advocacy group

TX. Support/Advocacygroup( GRADE) gets email weekly from all over the state,re guardianship abuse .

GRADE Guardianship Reform Advocates for the Disabled and Elderlyhttp://www.guardianshipreform.org/

Estate of Denial  web site